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  • Field Guide to Canvas

    The Canvas Field Guide, tailored to Princeton faculty, staff, and teaching assistants, offers a detailed overview of Canvas features and functionalities.

  • JRC101

    These are but a few of the questions policymakers and interested observers must ask in thinking about financial markets. This short course will cover everything that you wanted to know about finance but were afraid to ask. Designed for public policy practitioners and generalists, the course aims to give students a practical working knowledge of how financial markets function, why they sometimes function well and why they sometimes fail.

  • Using Panopto in Canvas

    This course covers the basics of using the Panopto Video platform in Canvas.

  • Annotation with Hypothesis and Perusall

    Tools in Canvas for collaborative, social annotation of PDF, images, and video

  • Self-Paced Tutorial: Gradescope Essentials

    This self-paced tutorial is designed for faculty, staff, and teaching assistants. You can familiarize yourself with Gradescope at your own pace. You will learn the Gradescope basics as well as the recommended instructor workflow to use Gradescope with your Canvas courses.

  • Canvas Companion Guide for Students

    The Canvas Companion Guide for Princeton students offers a brief overview of Canvas and its integrated teaching tools.